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The Nightcrawlers’ heyday was the eighties; they self-released a large number of cassettes and three LPs.  I was sadly ignorant of all of this.  Luckily, they re-released a compilation of their three LPs on the Manikin label in 1997.  I managed to snatch up a copy in 2002 before they were all sold out and it quickly became one of my all-time favorites.  Complex layers of interesting sounds, textures, melodies, and rhythms that build and decay in what is typically described as “berlin school” electronic music.  However, the Nightcrawlers are quite different from Tangerine Dream and others lumped into that sub-genre.  The music is more hypnotic and repetitive than Tangerine Dream’s 70-80s repertoire, yet it does contain elements that are reminiscent of early Klaus Schulze and aspects of Tangerine Dream.  The music has an energy to it that is difficult for me to describe in words.  With the renaissance in “classic electronic” music that has been going strong for the past decade or two, I have yet to hear anyone re-create the style of the Nightcrawlers.

Xisle - NovinsXisle - NovinsXisle - Novins