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After the full-throttle opening salvo of "Lights", the band brings it down a notch for the slightly poppier, classic-feeling "Meet Me on the Ledge". Once again, Parker's words detail ambivalence and uncertainty: "Meet me on the ledge / I'll be waiting there / You know I won't budge / I just need to get the air . . All the time that I've had wings / Still I'm a stone that neither sinks not swims". At the end of the song, Parker juxtaposes the ominous threat of suicide with leaving a lover: "I wish to ramble this time, it's true / I guess I'll fly, I'll fly away from you / And on up". Although the song references The Replacements "The Ledge" in its title and subject matter, its tone is entirely different. While the ‘Mats tune is all wiry tense, and buzzing with nervous energy, "Meet Me on the Ledge" comes across as a self-assured collision between a classic pop sensibility, a fuzzed-out guitar and a suicide note.

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Varnaline - VarnalineVarnaline - VarnalineVarnaline - VarnalineVarnaline - Varnaline