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Fornaciari's best known hit " Senza una donna " ("Without a Woman"), in a duet with Paul Young , is from this album. The first pressing of the album didn't feature the duet: the song was performed by Fornaciari only. The duet was a great success worldwide, [3] it topped the European Hot 100 , Italian, Belgian, Norwegian, and Swedish charts, and reached the top 3-5 in other international charts in 1991 including UK and US. [22] Other European singles from the Hits album include English versions of "Diamante", and "Wonderful World" (with Eric Clapton). Diamante was later released as a duet with Randy Crawford , a variant not available on any album until the special edition of Zu & Co. (2004). Although advised to record in English to achieve international popularity he expressed doubt; "unfortunately, the only songs you can translate easily into English are the ballads, the love songs. That is a shame". [3] [22]

From 1998 to 2002, he played in Roger Waters ' In the Flesh tour . In 2001, Fairweather Low accompanied Eric Clapton on his world tour and is featured on the 2002 album One More Car, One More Rider , which also features accompaniment by Billy Preston , Steve Gadd , Nathan East and David Sancious .

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After the commercial failure of his first two albums, Bruce Springsteen knew he was at a make-it-or-break-it point in his career. He wrote the title track to Born to Run in early 1974, inspired by Duane Eddy's 1960 hit "Because They're Young." "I had these enormous ambitions for it," Springsteen told Rolling Stone in 2005. "I wanted to make the greatest rock record that I'd ever heard. I wanted it to sound enormous, to grab you by your throat and insist that you take that ride, insist that you pay attention — not just to the music, but to life, to being alive. "  He cut the song in a New Jersey studio with the E Street Band, but soon afterwards drummer Ernest "Boom" Carter and keyboardist David Sancious quit the group to start a jazz fusion group called Tone. Springsteen was quickly running out of money, and now he couldn't even play gigs until he found two new bandmates. It was around this time that former Rolling Stone writer Jon Landau entered the picture. He helped Springsteen move the sessions to the prestigious Record Plant in New York City and became the co-producer of the album. They crafted a Phil Spector-inspired Wall of Sound masterpiece that (very loosely) tells the story of one hot and muggy day in New Jersey and New York.  "I was interested in songs with a variety of movements, which you can trace back to the way Roy Orbison records were composed," Springsteen said in 2005.  "There is something about the [piano] melody of 'Thunder Road' that suggests a new day — which is why that song ended up first on the record, instead of 'Born to Run.'" Needless to say, the album was a huge success, and it turned Springsteen into a superstar. 

42. “The Fever” (1974)
Originally slated for Bruce’s second album, this cult favorite didn’t make the cut. He played it live for the first time in concert in Houston in 1974. Two years later he gave it away to good buddy Southside Johnny and it helped launch Southside’s recording career. Clarence’s “He’s got the fever for a girl” solo is precious.

David Sancious And Tone - Dance Of The Age Of EnlightenmentDavid Sancious And Tone - Dance Of The Age Of EnlightenmentDavid Sancious And Tone - Dance Of The Age Of EnlightenmentDavid Sancious And Tone - Dance Of The Age Of Enlightenment