Sonja berlin-jones - abortive downtempo 15 - hyperminimal disciplines | sonja berlin-jones

Simon lives in the Hampshire countryside, enjoys car boot sales and cultivating his vegetable garden, and as an artist, is himself a kind of force of nature, bent on nothing but growing, unsentimental, aloof toward the past. He calls himself a “New Luddite” producing “hyperminimal” music. “It takes about an hour to hour to hear [and] about half an hour to make…it never contains more than one idea—sometimes it has none.” Hyperminimalistic music is “clean and non-virtuosic and unsurprising and reliable and relentless,” long-form pieces that “falsely appear never to vary.” Rob Hayler of Radio Free Midwich has described Simon’s method as repetition as basic compositional tool; play, clip, loop and layer and repeat until you’ve made enough. Simon calls this music without quality control and its peak is in its creation —he brazenly fesses up to “hyperinflating music ’till it’s worthless.”

Sonja Berlin-Jones - Abortive Downtempo 15